Fusion 360 Plugins Collection

A collection of personal projects built on the Fusion 360 API

All Add-ins are provided as-is with no warranty or guarantees

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Geometry Creation



  • Create customized vent features in Fusion 360
  • Circular, slot and rectangular vent types supported
  • Perfect for Sheet parts and electronic enclosures


  • Create helical curves in Fusion 360
  • Creates approximate 3D interpolation
  • Use for creating custom threads

Dog Bone Fillet 

  • Create Dog Bone Fillets in Fusion 360
  • Very useful when working with CNC Routers
  • Has ability to automatically identify all internal corners and apply dog-bone to all

General Utilities


Parameter Edit 

  • Quick editor to make changes to user parameters with real time update.
  • Automatically gets all user defined parameters
  • Updates are reflected in realtime on the model

Show Hidden (Show All) 

  • Show all bodies, components or planes in a design
  • Show “hidden” bodies, components, or planes in a design
  • Creates very use workflow for finding hidden items deep in a complex tree

State Saver 

  • Save the state of: hide/show, suppress/unsuppress, and parameter values
  • Quickly switch between named states
  • Information is saved in the model and accessible by anyone with the addin installed

Copy Paste Body 

  • Create “un-associated” copy of a body in Fusion 360
  • Works between separate documents
  • Ideal for non-history based iterative design tasks

Project Archiver 

  • Export all design files in a given Fusion 360 project
  • For the paranoid in all of us
  • Current project shown in data panel will be exported to given file format.

Manufacturing Utilities



  • Basic layout (nesting) of multiple components
  • Select multiple flat components and a reference plane to layout all components
  • Lays components in sequence with uniform spacing between bounding box

Universal G-Code Sender Fusion 360 Add-in 

  • Select a setup, folder or operation to send to UGS (Universal G-Code Sender)
  • Posts with proper post and launches g-code file into UGS interface
  • Avoids local export

OctoPrint Fusion 360 Add-in 

  • Directly export and upload model to OctoPrint
  • Slice and print on demand
  • Dynamically reads available machines and configurations to present to user

Fusion Slicer Import Utility 

  • Allows for importing a directory of DXF files, as created from Fusion Slicer
  • Apply a thickness for all profiles to be extruded
  • Can either tile by Slicer bounding box or attempt a tighter packing